Flat-Fee Installations at KOR

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Does it freak you out when you leave your Jeep off, and the shop doing the install has only given you a rough estimate, leaving you hanging until the invoice gets slid across the desk? We've come up with some "flat-rate" pricing for installs here at KOR in Phoenix, AZ, so that there is very little left to guess about. You know the price before you drop your Jeep off, and there is very little left to chance. Plus, you'll know that your 4x4 is in safe hands with experts! Parts Install Pricing Menu for Jeeps (Sale Prices thru the end of this month) (Normal Hourly Charge: $89.97/hour) Applications Est. Labor Kevin's Price Buy Now Budget Boost - coil springs (4) 1.75 hrs. $99.97 Budget Boost - 2 coils, 2 Add-a-leafs 3.25 hrs. $179.97 Budget Boost - leaf springs (4) 4.50 hrs. $299.97 Shocks (4) Add to Budget Boost Install 1.00 hrs. $29.97 Shocks (4) Installed separately from BB 1.00 hrs. $49.97 Long Arm Kit - Clayton - ZJ/WJ 16.0 hrs. $999.97 Long Arm Kit - Clayton - XJ w/ leaves 12.0 hrs. $799.97 Long Arm Kit - Clayton - XJ w/ coil conv. 20.0 hrs. $1299.97 Steering Box Brace Hard-KOR - ZJ/XJ 0.50 hrs. $29.97 Radiator Support Hard-KOR - ZJ 0.75 hrs. $45.97 Install Hard-KOR Front Bumper - ZJ/XJ/WJ 1.25 hrs. $75.97 Install Hard-KOR Rear Bumper - ZJ/XJ/WJ 1.75 hrs. $99.97 Available Options Below Add an hour of labor $89.97 $75.97

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