WJ Grand Cherokee Installation Instruction Guides

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  • Hello there. I had a question on the install of your BFYB WJ 2.75 kit.
    Are there any instructions posted? Couldn’t find any. I’ve done lifts on CJ’s, YJ’s, XJ’s and ZJ’s. So I have a good idea on how it should go. Just want to make sure that i don’t miss anything or if there are any tips. that I should know about.
    Not sure how A arm spacer goes. My guess it goes on top of axle, take out 3 bolts and slide it in, then bolt back down with longer bolts included. Also the rear shock adapter so you dont get the clunk.

    B. Dexter

    Bruce Dexter on
  • Thanks…I was under the impression, based on the picture, that there was more to the KOR-1012 than just sleeves and bolts. I thought there was some type of bracket, based on that pic. Is it in fact just different-sized sleeves and bolts??

    Mike on
  • Mike:
    I’m not sure that we ever made any for this kit, but it’s really simple. Just remove the shock from it’s upper and lower mount bolts, remove the existing sleeves, install our new sleeves, and re-install the shock with our new bolts that come in the kit. Done, and done!


    kevin on
  • I just purchased KOR-1012 for my WJ, and do not see the installation instructions posted on the website. Will you please point me to the guide, or is this included with the product?

    Thank you – Mike, IL

    Mike on
  • Bruce:
    All of our install instructions are located here:

    The one you’re looking for specifically is located here:

    kevin on

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